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August 2013

Why Natural Cleaning

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We all want to live healthier, whether this is in the form of what we put into our body or how we want to shape ourselves through exercise. Why should the conditions we live in be any different?

During this post I want to introduce you to natural cleaning. Before we really explain what it is to live in a naturally clean environment I urge you to go and grab that new, bright, well-advertised cleaning product you have in your cupboard. We all read the front of the bottle and are happy to see that it “Kills 99% of All Bacteria” or “Leave Your Surfaces Smelling Like A New Summers Day”. Now turn the bottle over and you will see something that may shock you; on most of today’s off the shelf cleaning products you will find a number of WARNINGS and HAZARD signs.

What is Natural Cleaning?

So lets set the scene. We all want the surfaces to be clean as we prepare food, place our belongings down and live on these surfaces. So we wipe down our surfaces with these products and then think nothing more of it. These toxins and chemicals easily find their way onto our foods, phones, and skin; it is for this reason we believe every household should be focusing on natural cleaning methods.

This alternative to the standard cleaning methods, not only offer a higher, healthier standard of living, but also help the environment. By damaging the environment it is only a matter of time before it makes its way back to us.

When we use non-natural cleaning products they normally end up down the sink, toilet or shower. As these chemicals make there way into the rivers and streams the cycle back to us begins.

As some of these pollutants will not degrade they end up being consumed, and at this point these chemicals have entered the food chain. We all know where the food chain ends, and the impact these chemicals have on our bodies is a big concern.

So how can we best deal with this problem?

Through the use of natural cleaning products we stop the cycle mentioned above at the source; this results in healthier homes and offices and in turn a healthier body

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