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July 2013

What’s that smell ?

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The world is full of smells , some Good and some not so good, We are always so quick to pick up the air freshener and start spraying to get rid of the unwanted smells

The chemicals which lead to allergic reactions plus of course the environmental impact they have on the atmosphere is really worth you thinking twice about using that Air freshener

Did you know that  

Toxic phthalates found in air fresheners:
The chemicals below were found in at least one of the 14 air fresheners NRDC tested.

• Di-ethly Phthalate (DEP): Associated with changes in hormone levels and genital development in humans.

• Di-n-butyl Phthalate (DBP): Recognized as a reproductive toxicant by the National Toxicology Program and the State of California. It can lead to changes in genital development.

• Di-isobutyl Phthalate (DIBP): Associated with changes in male genital development.

• Di-methyl Phthalate (DMP): Inconclusive evidence has shown reproductive toxicity in animal studies.

• Di-isohexyl Phthalate (DIHP): Limited toxicity testing has shown that DIHP is probably a developmental and reproductive toxicant.

Read more on Toxicpedia

I have comprised a few simple alternatives that you can try, see how it goes you never know you may like being more creative and As a mother myself I like to reduce as much chemical use at home as possible, I developed eczema later on in life and it made me more aware of how small things affect us, since I stopped using and buying a lot of store cleaning products my eczema is hardly noticeable now. Foul smell in the house open a window, yes I know our weather does not always let us but fresh air is beneficial for our health and well being. Lets look at the Alternatives we can try

Slice a lemon or 2 in half and place around the room, Most of the air fresheners are lemon scented anyway so why not use the real thing. true it is not a quick fix but it actually absorbs the bad odors

My Favorite and If your a coffee lover like me try this, I place coffee beans in the oven and let roast and this soon fills the house with a fantastic coffee aroma.

another idea I came across recently is using essential oils ( any fragrance you find pleasing ) dab your light bulbs with small amount of oil, the  light bulbs should be off and cold. When u switch on the lights the heat generated will give you a lovely scented room.

A horrible smell from the fridge ?  place an open box of bicarbonate soda in there and the smell will soon be gone but don’t forget to throw away whatever it was that made the smell

A cup of vinegar left over night in a room will remove any tobacco smell from there

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