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  • Germ Buster Robots!

    germ buster robots,
    Robots used in the U.S to combat Super-bugs in hospitals ”Exterminate”…”Exterminate”

    Do you remember the daleks in the Dr.Who series from the BBC ?

    Well now we have the Germ buster Robots that can combat the super-bugs in 2 minutes.

    These Robots are similar to the daleks, in that they are cylindrical in shape and have a rotating head that houses a telescopic piece that ultra violet ray’s pulse every 15 minutes, destroying harmful bacterial spores airborne, This is without using any harmful chemicals. The hospital rooms have to be empty while the robots set to work sterilizing


  • Your Office Kitchen Dirtier than the Toilet ?

    Dirty office Kitchens

    Reports show Office Kitchens are Dirtier than toilets !

    office kitchen, dirtier than toilets, office cleaning company,London


    Research has indicated time and time again that the majority of office kitchens can be extremely filthy with kitchen appliances such as microwaves ovens and kettles being the nastiest perpetrators

    Office surfaces within the kitchen are also some of the most unclean, bacteria inhabited surfaces on average in the kitchen


  • Cleaning Frenzy Tips

    Some Quick Easy cleaning tricks with Aluminium Foil

    cleaning tips and tricks,using aluminium foil

    Quick & Easy Tips on cleaning with foil

    Aluminium Foil to clean ?

    here is a wonderful cleaning tip for you to try out.

    If you are anything like me, you will hate messing around with silver polish to remove tarnish from your silverware, candlesticks, teapots and that special cutlery set in the cupboard that never gets used. yep I will use them one day!

    here is a simple and easy way to deal with your silverware, with a few items you may already have in your kitchen cupboard


  • Natural & Brilliant Baking Soda


    Baking Soda – Natural & Brilliant cleaner

    Baking Soda is a natural & Brilliant cleaning agent. Bicarbonate of soda as the name implies can also be used for cooking. It’s cheap and non-toxic. Another natural product is vinegar, it is another product that is accepted and is tremendously efficient as a cleaning and sanitizing instrument. It is inexpensive and safe for people. Cleaning with vinegar is another smart way to keep away from using harsh chemicals. It is good for destroying the majority of mold, bacteria as well as reducing lime deposits due to its acidity. When it comes to cleaning, vinegar is versatile; you can apply it to sanitize kitchen surfaces, mirrors, as well as appliances such as ovens and microwaves.

    A mixture of lemon juice and baking soda also makes a wonderful semi-abrasive natural cleaner for surfaces such as bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtubs and showers and other surfaces. The mixture of the two actually produces a bit of a fizz due to a natural chemical reaction. They also provide excellent natural antibacterial properties as well as serious cleaning capabilities.

    At Virtus London office Cleaning one of our traditions and specialties is our flexibility and open-mindedness of natural and Eco-friendly products and techniques, this allows us to provide our clients a wide range of services and options. Our experience with these methods has shown no failure to reproduce the standards commercial chemicals use, but they also bring a peace of mind to our clients who always receive the best cleaning, as well as the security that Virtus is being environmentally and ecologically aware and is contributing to future sustainability.

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