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  • Hospital Cleaning

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    The hospital environment has undoubtedly the strictest and most regulated legislation when it comes to cleanliness. Hygiene is essential in a hospital and is extremely important due to the fact that contamination, outbreaks and infection are the most prevalent things when it comes to a large facility dedicated to housing ill people with all sorts of diseases and conditions. High standards of cleanliness are required to ensure there is no spread of infectious diseases, which can be tremendously dangerous, not only putting patients at risk, but all staff, doctors, and visitors, as well as the possibility of shutting down crucial wards and sections of the hospital which can be costly and devastating.

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  • Our Schools should be Safe

    Have you ever Asked who cleans your school and how ?

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    The school environment is supposed to be a safe place for our children to go and learn during the day, however recent studies have shown that it may not be as safe in terms of air quality and cleanliness as we would expect, evidence has arisen showing many classrooms are full of airborne ultrafine particles that can be easily be inhaled by students and well, anyone in the classroom.

    The air in some ill maintained classrooms without good enough ventilation contain more small particle pollutants than the outside itself. The number of children that end up with asthma has increased dramatically over the last decade, and it’s not just children either, teachers also have a higher chance of getting this condition.
    The scientific studies conducted in the classroom to test the air pollution produced astounding results; over 450 chemicals were found in the air, this is a dangerous find due to the fact that children are much more susceptible to toxic chemicals in their early years and these chemicals can cause serious harm, formaldehyde, chloroform, benzene are a few of the chemicals found that have been known to cause harmful effects such as cancer. (more…)

  • What’s that smell ?

    How to remove Unwanted smells bad smell, remove smells, alternative methods of removing smells

    The world is full of smells , some Good and some not so good, We are always so quick to pick up the air freshener and start spraying to get rid of the unwanted smells

    The chemicals which lead to allergic reactions plus of course the environmental impact they have on the atmosphere is really worth you thinking twice about using that Air freshener

    Did you know that   (more…)

  • Marital breakdown over chores!

    couples fight over cleaning
    Domestic Cleaning

    Cleaning chores are the second highest reason for marriage breakdowns, Money being number one of course.

    The number one most disputed issue within the household is who actually cleans the house, According to research approximately two-thirds of couples in relationships confess to arguing over household tasks and who does them every week. Laziness in the face of doing household errands and other tasks is second just to bad hygiene in the reasons domestic partnerships end up breaking down.


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