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  • Why Natural Cleaning

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    We all want to live healthier, whether this is in the form of what we put into our body or how we want to shape ourselves through exercise. Why should the conditions we live in be any different?

    During this post I want to introduce you to natural cleaning. Before we really explain what it is to live in a naturally clean environment I urge you to go and grab that new, bright, well-advertised cleaning product you have in your cupboard. We all read the front of the bottle and are happy to see that it “Kills 99% of All Bacteria” or “Leave Your Surfaces Smelling Like A New Summers Day”. Now turn the bottle over and you will see something that may shock you; on most of today’s off the shelf cleaning products you will find a number of WARNINGS and HAZARD signs.

    What is Natural Cleaning?


  • Benefits of Natural Cleaning

    BENEFITS OF NATURAL CLEANING, GREEN LIVING, Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products

    This is not just the new buzz, everyone that is serious about Green living and health should be very concerned about toxins are around us in our homes and working spaces so the benefits of natural cleaning should be on the forefront of every visionary individual and business

    As the self-improvement guru, Deepak Chopra noted recently in the New York Times, “the next step in real estate is to understand that sustainability should begin in the home. Our bodies are sustainable but exposed to pollution, no different than the environment.” As we begin to think about our health more holistically, our living spaces and the products within them take on a more significant role. But how can we ensure a healthier home environment without completely changing our lifestyle?

    Never before have we been provided with such an array of cleaning products to choose from. It seems that with every month comes a new brightly packaged, neon-coloured substance which, we are told, will clean and kill germs and leave our homes smelling fresh and fragrant even better than the last one. Yet do we really need to rely on these chemical cocktails in order to keep our living and working spaces clean and safe?

    Warning: Danger!


  • Efficient and Effective

    colour coding, Health and Safety, cross contamination prevention, efficient and effective methods,

    Every legitimate cleaning company understands the importance of the health and safety guidelines of colour coding. This protects your environment of cross contamination obviously you do not want a cloth used in the toilet area to then be used in the kitchen no matter how much an operative washes the cloths. We plan our work to ensure the most efficient and effective methods are used

    • RED washroom areas and toilet areas
    • BLUE general areas
    • GREEN kitchen and food areas

    More on Health and Safety and COSHH Guidelines download our free PDF file here LINK

    Organization is Key to being Efficient and Effective in your approach

    Cleaning supplies needed for the task, use a caddy or bucket and keep them close to you at all times

    3 or 4 Green cloths (microfibre if possible) *   Kitchen scrubbing brush * non-abrasive scourer  * 3 small lemons * vinegar *  vacuum cleaner *  small kitchen bowl *


  • Recycling

    Recycle, recyclable. our future,

    Recycling is a vital process for a whole range of reasons, The main being the importance of creating a sustainable future, with all the unfortunate environmental concerns arising every day due to a ever expanding population and a wide increase in industrialized countries emerging it is our job to make sure future generations can deal with these problems effectively in the future, without leaving them to fend for themselves when these problems start making a large impact, problems, that we have caused.

    There are many different materials that can be recycled including glass, paper, textiles, metal, plastic and electronics. These materials are then separated, sorted then cleaned and restored into new materials for manufacture.


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