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    Domestic Cleaning West London

    Happy Clients Notting Hill

    Sometimes cleaning chores at home can take up vast amounts of your free time, making it difficult to spend that “free time” on things you actually enjoy, like spending time with friends and family, going out or simply getting some stress free time for yourself to relax and ignore responsibilities for an evening,

    Virtus understands the hectic schedule of living and working in London can make It difficult fitting in repetitious chores like cleaning the house around your work responsibilities and needed time with your family and friends.

    These responsibilities can end up leaving the cleaning in your home neglected, Which is why Virtus    offers special one-time and regular services that will help you spend your free time doing the things you enjoy most. One of the most refreshing things to see when coming home from a hard day’s work is a spotless house or flat. And that’s exactly the refreshing feeling that Virtus’ London cleaning services wants to instil in all of its clients.

    As one of London’s most experienced professional cleaning companies, we have managed to acquire many satisfied customers who will vouch for our services. So if it’s a one off deep-clean or regular weekly cleans, hiring a cleaning service for your home has been proven to take some of the stress out of your life and stops home chores turning into an unavoidable job in your leisure time, leaving you free to spend your time with family and friends the way you want to, as well as leaving you in the peace of mind that you are living in a professionally cleaned and healthy environment.

    Virtus is one of the most experienced, and innovative companies in the service sector and assures a high standard of cleaning and any other service we provide, making sure clients receive value and quality results that are affordable and reliable. Our house cleaning services is unrivelled, If your looking for a professional cleaning company that takes pride in every job

    then make Virtus your Natural choice! I’ll let our customers tell you why Virtus is for you                      __________________________________________________________________________________________________

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  • Removing Stains

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    Removing Stuborn Stains


    Remove red wine, difficult stains, carpets, cleaning servicesHad a wonderful dinner party? Numerous bottles were uncorked; glasses flowing with wine,  now the aftermath, Guests have left after a great night. When you inspect the repercussion, you see it: a few drops of red wine on the tablecloth, possibly even a large stain on the carpet. What do you do? Red wine stains, how to, How to remove red wine stains

    For Carpets all you need is some sparkling water and kitchen paper towels. Blot as much of the liquid with paper towels, then add your sparkling water use a spray bottle and continue to keep blotting until all the wine is gone

    Or  alcohol in vodka does the trick to remove any really stubborn stain but Always try a test patch first. If you are unsure as to whether the item you are cleaning is suitable for our instructions, take professional cleaning advice first. We are always available to give advice and answer any questions you may have.

    Another great solution is Hydrogen peroxide

    mix equal parts  dishwashing liquid  with hydrogen peroxide and apply and blot until the stains is completely disappeared


    Coffee stains, how to remove coffee stain, stubborn stainsCoffee Stains if you get them early then all you really need is few drops of detergent and always blot the stain and never rub.

    If its an old stain then use the hydrogen peroxide, Always check manufacturer’s instructions first and use the patch test

    to get coffe stains out of washable fabrics first run under cold water then sponge off with a cloth dipped in a borax/water solution, leave for an hour then wash as usual! works wonders!

    to remove coffee stains from your Cups and Mugs add few drops of vinegar with your detergent and wash normally, leaves your dishes sparkling

    I do this regurly with all my dishes keeps them looking sparkling new.


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    Domestic Cleaning Services- London


  • How to Choose a Good Cleaning Company

    choosing the right company, cleaning services, cleaning companies,

    How to Choose a Good Cleaning Company

     If you are looking for a company to clean your office or your home, choosing the right company is the most important decision you can make. Choosing the wrong company can cost you a lot of money for not much in return.


  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    Cleaning services, deep kitchen cleans, Commercial kitchen cleans
    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
    For restaurant and café owners, Keeping your kitchen and facilities clean should be the number one priority, not only is it important for the safety of customers, but it’s been proven to increase the quality of your food and product.

    What this means is regular daily cleaning is essential in order to create a successful business around food. You have to guarantee the food not only tastes good, but is also harmless for your customers to eat. The worst thing that can happen to a restaurant is customers becoming sickened from your food, and it will create a PR nightmare that can stick to your business like glue.

    Regular Kitchen cleaning not only helps keep your customers happy, but is also beneficial to the restaurant as well, well-maintained facilities and equipment significantly reduces down time and preparation.

    Even though most restaurants have staff who will clean on a daily basis, sometimes it isn’t enough to have a truly sanitized and safe working environment, for example dirt and bacteria can reach the most unreachable and unthinkable of places in the kitchen, which is why many restaurants opt for regular third party deep cleaning services that are specialised in kitchen cleaning and will make sure it’s completely sanitized.

    Some areas in the kitchen that are often tricky and often overlooked are, for example, Underneath and behind equipment. Bacteria and vermin are always attracted to those dark out of reach areas that can often be damp as well,

    causing breeding grounds for unwanted micro-organisms in your kitchen, another problem area are refrigeration coils, these are often overlooked however are very important, these can effect temperature changes which could lead to food being spoiled within the refrigerator, cracks, and splashes on walls are another problem in kitchens, these areas are hard to reach and there is no better place for a vermin to get its meal than in an unclean crack in the corner of your kitchen.

    A thorough cleaning will make sure these as well as many other problem areas are dealt with, keeping your kitchen completely free from unwanted bacteria clinging to remains. Deep kitchen cleans, Commercial Kitchens, restaurant Kitchens

    Virtus London cleaning Service has a specialized restaurant kitchen cleaning service that are experienced in dealing with all the overlooked problems in dirty kitchens, leaving kitchens completely spotless and meeting all health and safety qualifications and ready for inspection, using the latest environmentally friendly         products and equipment as well as state of the art                steam cleaning technology, Virtus is a service that will           guarantee every inch of your kitchen thoroughly cleaned       and sanitized.




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