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August 2013

Tiles and Grout cleaning

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services London

Regular cleaning of tiles and building floors can remove a lot of dirt, however eventually over time, the grout between those tiles traps dirt because the grout is unsmooth and very porous; sealing material often wears off after time so protective covering can be limited. The dirt that embeds itself into grout is very difficult to reach with conventional means, so even if your tiles are clean, your grout may be getting dirty and bacteria infested.

Grout cleaning is crucial to keep your home clean and healthy; particularly for tiles set in light coloured grout such as grey, and white as these make the dirt much more noticeable, darker coloured grout is less noticeable but still contains the dirt.

Grout is not incredibly dangerous however it can be the cause of things such as athletes foot if in the bathroom or locker room etc., The main problem is mostly aesthetic based, nobody likes having dirty irremovable tiles in their bathroom and kitchens of all places, dirty tiled surfaces detract from a clean hygienic as well as professional, well-maintained visual aspect that’s important for your company’s representation.

Dirt in grout can also cause the grout to degrade, which could lead to tiles taking damage themselves, as well as leading to leaks and all sorts due to the cracks that will eventually appear, this can be an expensive problem to solve so it is essential to keep it well maintained.

Grout is caused by all sorts of reasons, whether it’s people walking over it in their shoes, or dirt gradually building up, there will always be grout, in some places more than others, kitchens and bathrooms are probably the most important and problematic areas, these places are prone to bacteria growth due to the moisture as well as liquids and foods that bacteria can thrive on, Most customers have their grout cleaned twice a year as to ensure a clean and safe living environment all year roundTile and Grout cleaning, Specialist floor care, Floor cleaners,

Virtus Cleaning services includes grout cleaning in many of it’s services and can do this tricky job using experienced employees and specialised equipment, grout can be very difficult to beat and so when it comes to eradicating that unsightly dirt the best course of action is to get professionals who will ensure every inch of your tiles are spotless.


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