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August 2013

Removing Stains

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Removing Stuborn Stains


Remove red wine, difficult stains, carpets, cleaning servicesHad a wonderful dinner party? Numerous bottles were uncorked; glasses flowing with wine,  now the aftermath, Guests have left after a great night. When you inspect the repercussion, you see it: a few drops of red wine on the tablecloth, possibly even a large stain on the carpet. What do you do? Red wine stains, how to, How to remove red wine stains

For Carpets all you need is some sparkling water and kitchen paper towels. Blot as much of the liquid with paper towels, then add your sparkling water use a spray bottle and continue to keep blotting until all the wine is gone

Or  alcohol in vodka does the trick to remove any really stubborn stain but Always try a test patch first. If you are unsure as to whether the item you are cleaning is suitable for our instructions, take professional cleaning advice first. We are always available to give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Another great solution is Hydrogen peroxide

mix equal parts  dishwashing liquid  with hydrogen peroxide and apply and blot until the stains is completely disappeared


Coffee stains, how to remove coffee stain, stubborn stainsCoffee Stains if you get them early then all you really need is few drops of detergent and always blot the stain and never rub.

If its an old stain then use the hydrogen peroxide, Always check manufacturer’s instructions first and use the patch test

to get coffe stains out of washable fabrics first run under cold water then sponge off with a cloth dipped in a borax/water solution, leave for an hour then wash as usual! works wonders!

to remove coffee stains from your Cups and Mugs add few drops of vinegar with your detergent and wash normally, leaves your dishes sparkling

I do this regurly with all my dishes keeps them looking sparkling new.


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