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August 2013


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Recycling is a vital process for a whole range of reasons, The main being the importance of creating a sustainable future, with all the unfortunate environmental concerns arising every day due to a ever expanding population and a wide increase in industrialized countries emerging it is our job to make sure future generations can deal with these problems effectively in the future, without leaving them to fend for themselves when these problems start making a large impact, problems, that we have caused.

There are many different materials that can be recycled including glass, paper, textiles, metal, plastic and electronics. These materials are then separated, sorted then cleaned and restored into new materials for manufacture.

Recycling is for the most part concerned with processing used materials into new products. This process not only reduces waste, but also helps reduce pollution, landfills fill very fast and the burning of waste releases harmful gasses, the act of recycling means this can be done less. It also helps reduce waste dumping as well as the carbon emissions formed by creating new material. Deforestation is a major case of how harvesting natural resources is harming the environment and this is a important reason why we should recycle. The impact of deforestation can be reduced greatly if we recycled increasing quantities of used products such as paper and furniture.

Recycling significantly reduces the amount of energy required to create new products. For example with the case of deforestation, If we didn’t recycle enough paper, large areas of forests and natural scenery would have to be chopped down to meet paper demands (which is happening right now!) this is a major problem for a number of reasons, as we all know trees absorb carbon dioxide, and the less trees there are, the more Co2 is released into the atmosphere, which just increases the rate of climate change and effects which is already taking its toll on our planet. The trees from these forests would then have to be transported before been manufactured into the finished product. The same process applies for a wide range of products such as plastics and metals, only they require different raw materials to be harvested, and obviously, the machinery and vehicles that are required to transport such huge quantities of wood only add to pollution and emissions.

Also by recycling you inevitably reduce the emissions of searching for raw materials, recycling leads to cutting down on emissions from things such as mining, and burning of fossil fuels, as demand will be lower. This means energy requirements are much lower which is just another step in trying to slow down climate change. A final benefit of recycling is the fact that the more we recycle, the more we can help to reduce the growing problems of ‘full’ landfill sites. As the world’s population levels increase, it is inevitable that we will need to create more landfill sites, which will only mean bad things for our environment and wildlife, as well as our own quality of life.

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