At Virtus  Cleaning we believe that communication is paramount to being able to understand and deliver our customer’s exact requirements.

Whether your business is a single office operation or has multiple sites across different locations, we will tailor make our cleaning services in order to create a unique and personalised package just for you.

The vast majority of our lives are spent at work so it is only natural that the work place should be as comfortable and safe as possible. When surrounded by a clean, safe and “happy environment” it is obvious that employees are more eager and competent in their work. Virtus Cleaning offers regular cleaning on a 24/7 basis, as well as urgent and immediate services. We believe a clean environment to work in benefits a business both financially, through reducing the amount of illness amongst employees and socially, a clean environment undoubtedly raises the spirit of employees and urges them to work harder. At Virtus we customise our services to your specific requirements, our wide range of specialist services ensure we give as much variety and choice possible in our industry. Our team consists of qualified, highly professional employees who are available to answer any queries and doubts you may have, so give us a call. Through our experience as a cleaning service, we can almost guarantee that a clean working space and happy employees will increase productivity within the office substantially.

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