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December 2013

Natural Descaling Solutions

Natural Descaling Solutions To De-scale Your Coffee Maker

Natural descaling solutions

Descaling your appliances cannot get any easier – thanks to Natural Descaling Solutions.

Did you know that 60% of houses in the United Kingdom are situated in areas where the water is hard? Hard water contains high amounts of calcium and causes limescale to build up in your appliances. Unfortunately, this process cannot be avoided. However, a regular descaling will ensure that your kettle or coffee maker is clean, works properly and gives you tea and coffee of great quality. Limescale messes with your appliance’s performance and it is also not healthy to drink tea or coffee made with an appliance that contains a lot of limescale. Descaling should therefore be a part of domestic cleaning and should be carried out regularly.

Limescale deposits occur when there is a build-up of calcium and other nutrients in your appliance, such as magnesium. These are found in hard water, and when then are formed in your appliance they not only mess with its performance but can also create further damage. If an appliance is not descaled regularly, a build-up of limescale inside it is known to block filters, clog pipes and also damage other parts of the appliance. The end result would be that the appliance stops working. The only way to avoid this is by cleaning the appliance well and descaling it with reliable descaling solutions of great quality. This is the best way to ensure your appliance keeps on working properly for longer.

Fortunately, it is not a hard or expensive task to descale an appliance, and this can in fact be done by using homemade descaling solutions. These solutions make use of ingredients which are easy to find, such as white vinegar and citric acid, and descaling with these products is also a very easy process. For those who wish to do so, it is also possible to buy ready-made descaling solutions from a supermarket.

Vinegar and citric acid are among the best ingredients for a descaling solution due to their high acidity, which is perfect for removing limescale. As mentioned before, one of the main components of limescale is calcium, which is alkaline as it has a pH rating between 9 and 12. This means that acidic substances such as white vinegar and citric acid make it dissolve and are therefore perfect to combat limescale. Luckily, both white vinegar and citric acid are really cheap and easy to find, and they are among the most powerful ingredients for a descaling solution. To get the best results when using a homemade descaling solution just follow these simple steps and you will never have to worry about limescale in your kettle or coffee maker again!

Step 1: Fill half of your appliance with citric acid or white vinegar.

Step 2: Turn the appliance on.

Step 3:  Repeat as many times as needed to make sure that all limescale has dissolved.

Step 4: Rinse the appliance well to get rid of vinegar or citric acid residues.

And there you go! You have a descaled appliance which has gone back to functioning properly and does not risk getting damaged, and you have obtained this in an extremely cheap and simple way!

If you prefer to use a descaling solution bought from a supermarket make sure to read the instructions properly as not all descaling solutions require the same process, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully in order to obtain the best results. When buying the solution, moreover, make sure to buy the correct solution for your needs. Some solutions are specific to certain appliances, so read the packaging well to ensure the solution you buy is good for the appliance on which you want to use it. Using the wrong solution may cause even more damage to your appliance.

As mentioned before, descaling should be carried out regularly, and experts in limescale removal recommend this process to be carried out monthly to keep the appliance running at its best. This will not only ensure your appliance does not clog and stop working, but also to save money on electricity bills, as studies have shown that if your appliance is performing at its best it uses less electricity! So descaling your appliance monthly brings forward many advantages, not to mention better tasting tea and coffee!

Descaling your coffee maker or kettle is a part of domestic cleaning which should be carried out regularly. It doesn’t take long to descale an appliance and it produces great advantages, such as ensuring great tasting tea and coffee and making sure the appliance keeps on performing in the best way possible.



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