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July 2013

Marital breakdown over chores!

couples fight over cleaning
Domestic Cleaning

Cleaning chores are the second highest reason for marriage breakdowns, Money being number one of course.

The number one most disputed issue within the household is who actually cleans the house, According to research approximately two-thirds of couples in relationships confess to arguing over household tasks and who does them every week. Laziness in the face of doing household errands and other tasks is second just to bad hygiene in the reasons domestic partnerships end up breaking down.

The most common cause of divorce stems from money, with nearly a quarter of all break ups it is the number one reason for divorces, however the second reason is the question of who cleans, does specific chores and tidies up as well as cooking, nearly 20% of all divorces stem from the inability to decide who does simple household errands, Most divorces are usually filed in the December – January time period, after Christmas, this is usually because the chores, cooking, and cleaning and tidying up that is common after the holidays are often the catalysts to disputes within the household.
According to research it is women who care more about chores and household errands, with nearly 30% claiming they would end a relationship if their partner wasn’t bothered to take responsibility and do more chores.

Studies have shown that the happiest couples are the ones where both partners can share out chores evenly and fairly, in a structured and organised arrangement, and who can also decide to be lazy together, instead of only one partner taking to it, a couple that can both temporarily relax and be lazy, who can ignore responsibilities for a short while, is much healthier than a single person ignoring their roles while their partner has to clean up. They’ve also found that finding third-party agents that can help do the chores, (such as cleaners or cooks) reduces stress in a relationship and reduces disputes significantly. sourced from daily Mail Uk

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