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September 2013

Keeping your carpet looking new

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Carpet Cleaning London

Most carpet cleaning methods in the past would almost always involve some sort of harsh, poisonous sprays and chemicals that have been proven to effect the health of the user, as well as being incredibly inefficient and awful for our environment. However as technology has increased and demand for safe and healthy methods for cleaning your home in an Eco-friendly matter has increased, new strategies and methods for achieving this have sprung up, the most common method people use today is steam cleaning, this is the act of using boiling hot water to kill all bacteria and mould in the carpet as well as sucking up any excess dirt, this method is probably the most accessible of all the methods and takes the least elbow grease.

Another method that has been found to work is using bicarbonate of soda, or any carbonated liquid, it’s been proven very efficient at removing stains on carpet, and has led to people always keeping some on hand in case of emergencies. Another natural method closely related is the use of vinegar, which can be used in the same fashion to clean those tough to remove stains from your carpet.

However despite these ingenious new strategies emerging in the world of cleaning, nothing has proven to be more efficient, eco-friendly and safe than just keeping your carpet regularly well-maintained, just the simple process of vacuuming your carpet every day or two while keeping some carbonate or vinegar on hand for those tricky stains will guarantee to keep your carpet clean and looking like new, it’s not only the cheapest option, but also the most accessible, The best way to keep your carpet from getting dirty is to just make sure it’s clean and stays clean from the start.

These days more and more people are becoming environmentally aware and are actively looking out for ways to help in the grand scheme of things, and one of the easiest ways is to use environmentally friendly products, people also tend to leave the cleaning to build up instead of cleaning regularly which then leads to often hiring cleaners who will use the cheapest over the counter chemicals possible to clean their carpets, making it look clean, but leaving you and your family inhaling dangerous chemicals that can cause harm if exposed to on a regular basis, this is why Virtus London Cleaning only uses environmentally friendly products, because not only do we want to help keep your home clean and fresh, but it’s our duty to leave your home knowing it’s safe and healthy.


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