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August 2013

Hospital Cleaning

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The hospital environment has undoubtedly the strictest and most regulated legislation when it comes to cleanliness. Hygiene is essential in a hospital and is extremely important due to the fact that contamination, outbreaks and infection are the most prevalent things when it comes to a large facility dedicated to housing ill people with all sorts of diseases and conditions. High standards of cleanliness are required to ensure there is no spread of infectious diseases, which can be tremendously dangerous, not only putting patients at risk, but all staff, doctors, and visitors, as well as the possibility of shutting down crucial wards and sections of the hospital which can be costly and devastating.

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NHS, Hospitals, quote, Virtus cleaning servicesOne of the main challenges when it comes to the cleaning of hospitals is the fact that there must be next to no disruption at all, patients must be comfortable and safe in the hospital and doctors and staff need a disruption free environment in order to treat patients effectively, this is why strict routines and strategic plans are vital to creating a no disruption service. However despite the need for routines and plans there has to also be regular and instant care, infectious diseases are what they sound like, infectious, and one moment you can have a normal hospital environment to an outbreak or bacterial contamination which can put everyone in danger, for this reason cleaning must be available around the clock to ensure every sheet is changed, every bed is cleaned and every piece of equipment is disinfected to ensure no cross-contamination and maximum safety for future patients.

NHS, hygiene, hospitals,

The amount visitors, staff, and patients that go through a hospital on a daily basis is unrivalled in the services industry, regular cleaning is mandatory in every hospital, all public places are sanitized on a daily basis, as soon as it is known that there is an infectious disease or virus, all areas exposed are sanitized as soon as possible, after every patient that may have an infectious disease, the area is sanitized instantly to ensure other patients can enter. This procedure is vitally important, when it comes to infections you never know how it may affect an individual, some people can be very vulnerable to infections and for this reason it is the cleaners job to ensure those risks are minimized as much as possible. It is important every inch of an area is sanitized as many bacteria can spread exceptionally fast from surface to person, then person to person.

In hospitals you may have noticed the mass quantity of hand gels all around, This practice is critical to stopping cross contamination between individuals, people carry all types of bacteria on their hands, and it is now known how dangerous it can be, in the past hand hygiene wasn’t taken as seriously, and it led to a much higher death rate in hospitals then present, since then diseases such as MRSA have halved. Touching an ill vulnerable patient without having used a hand sanitizer can cause disastrous effects on that individual, so good hand hygiene is vital in ensuring a healthy safe environment within the hospital.

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