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October 2013

hand hygiene

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene

Illnesses originated from food products can be a major concern to kitchens at home as well as restaurants and public kitchens, And not only is it ridiculously easy to contract something from a ill-prepared meal, but also how easy it is for those germs and bacteria to spread from person to person and multiply the problem. It’s already no surprise that washing your hands is the most effective method in getting rid of these nasty bacteria. BBC news research has showed that the bacteria that causes vomiting, diarrhoea and  many other illnesses are predominately found beneath and around your fingernails.

These bacteria are usually caused by poor hygiene, the handling of raw foods and exposure to animals and or dirty environments, so it is essential to keep hand washing as to stop the spread of illnesses, as they can easily be distributed through contact with other people, or even indirect contact through doors, foods, handles etc. One of the best ways we’ve found to counter these annoying bacteria underneath our nails is to use hand and nail brushes, they are specially designed to get a deep, painless clean under your nails and generally your hands. The bristles are designed to be thin yet tough which allows it to scrape off those germs with ease, then a simple wash of the hands washes them out and leaves your hands safe and prepared to cook.

Obviously, even with today’s modern technology, it is still impossible to completely remove all harmful bacteria and germs from your hands (or anywhere for that matter), no matter how hard you scrub, however just the act of taking care of your hand hygiene will help remove a decent amount, which will significantly reduce any risk of illness to your customers at work, people eating your food as well as family and friends. By doing this not only is it proven to enhance customers’ experience, but also allows a healthy set of staff that won’t be calling in sick (at least not as much).


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