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July 2013

Give your hair a shine boost

A Simple Rinse for your hair

Simple Rinse for shiny hair

Shine boost for your hair

We at Virtus would like to share with you A Simple Hair Rinse, Using Alternative does not mean its a big chore, there are many simple and easy to use recipes that we will share with our customers and subscribers here, Don’t forget to Subscribe to get updates of our new and helpful posts, Our monthly Newsletters are full of handy tips and tricks you do not want to miss and it’s Free! We are passionate about using Natural ingredients, whether it is for cleaning or for promoting a healthy lifestyle for us all, We are a company that values a healthier world for our future generations. Our name Virtus signifies Value and excellence and that is our mission.
Now lets give your hair a treat  with an inexpensive shine boost, cider vinegar infused with sage will also help with hair loss if used on a regular basis an added benefit !

50g/ 1oz of Fresh sage leaves

Bottle of good quality cider vinegar, 600ml / 1 pint / 2 1/2 cups

1 pour enough of the vinegar out of the bottle to allow room for the sage leaves.
2 wash and drain the sage leaves, then place them in the bottle of cider vinegar.
3 Leave for 2 weeks to infuse, then use as hair rinse after your usual washing and conditioning of hair.

yes that easy and effective

Vinegar is an excellent hair rinse for anyone and rinsing cider vinegar may be helpful for those suffering with hair loss other than genetic ‘natural’ balding.

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