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July 2013

Germ Buster Robots!

germ buster robots,
Robots used in the U.S to combat Super-bugs in hospitals ”Exterminate”…”Exterminate”

Do you remember the daleks in the Dr.Who series from the BBC ?

Well now we have the Germ buster Robots that can combat the super-bugs in 2 minutes.

These Robots are similar to the daleks, in that they are cylindrical in shape and have a rotating head that houses a telescopic piece that ultra violet ray’s pulse every 15 minutes, destroying harmful bacterial spores airborne, This is without using any harmful chemicals. The hospital rooms have to be empty while the robots set to work sterilizing

These two robots names little Joe and Ralph are employed at the Gottlieb memorial Hospital.

Research has shown that the robots are effective at killing 99.9% of all common bacterial, viruses and pathogens, including the majority of super-bugs out there.

Source Alexandar Tomich of Loyola University

It is claimed that the robots eliminate clostridium difficile in less than four minutes and The MRSA in less than two minutes !

hooray to the robots !

Besides the wards little Joe and Ralph are also used to disinfect operating theaters and isolation wards, burn and transplant Units

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A free download will be made available soon !


Tell me what you think about this new technology ? I am interested in knowing your views !



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