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August 2013

Efficient and Effective

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Every legitimate cleaning company understands the importance of the health and safety guidelines of colour coding. This protects your environment of cross contamination obviously you do not want a cloth used in the toilet area to then be used in the kitchen no matter how much an operative washes the cloths. We plan our work to ensure the most efficient and effective methods are used

  • RED washroom areas and toilet areas
  • BLUE general areas
  • GREEN kitchen and food areas

More on Health and Safety and COSHH Guidelines download our free PDF file here LINK

Organization is Key to being Efficient and Effective in your approach

Cleaning supplies needed for the task, use a caddy or bucket and keep them close to you at all times

3 or 4 Green cloths (microfibre if possible) *   Kitchen scrubbing brush * non-abrasive scourer  * 3 small lemons * vinegar *  vacuum cleaner *  small kitchen bowl *


Cleaning must always start in the kitchen area normally; this is the most work intensive section. So to be able to get the best results this ought to always be the beginning grounds for all works. begin at the sink  that’s where any dishes really should be cleaned and dried put aside to ensure that the sink is available  to use. When the sink is cluttered with dishes you wouldn’t wish to be washing your dirty cloths over your pots and pans. Work clockwise across the kitchen and that means you aren’t redoing exactly the same areas repeatedly work effectively its not only time saving its also energy saving

Microwave, , Place a lemon inside a bowl of hot water and place it into the microwave and put it onto boil for 10-15 minutes whilst you get on with something else, This will steam clean the microwave to make all of those dried food bits much easier to remove, the lemon will degrease and remove any odours within the microwave, an additional benefit is this will provide a lovely lemony scent throughout the room so no requirement for any chemical air fresheners.

It is a fact that numerous household cleansers contain potentially dangerous substances, so parents especially need to avoid them from getting into reach of children or, better still, replace all of them with safer options.

We use a variety of fragrances, soaps, liquids, bleaching agents, softeners, scourers, polishes along with specialized cleansers for toilets, glass, drains and ovens to help keep our homes sparkling and sweet-smelling,” reviews and research tells us that [many] assist with indoor pollution, are harmful if consumed and is dangerous if breathed in or touched.

Refrigerator if this is a deep clean, remove all food from shelves and wash using Bicarbonate soda or vinegar, use a dry micro cloth to dry the fridge carefully and place the food back also add half a lemon on a shelf this will leave the fridge smelling fresh for approx. 2 weeks (don’t forget to clear out the foods that are out of date)

Kitchen cabinets to be cleaned inside out if this is a deep clean start at the top of the cabinets this is the greasiest part that you will find plus you don’t want to do the inside of cabinets just to drip dirty water from the top onto the newly cleaned areas so start at the top first then work your way down and inside shelves

Kettle fill and put to a boil add 2 tablespoons of citric acid into the kettle after it has boiled and let it sit depending on the amount of scale ,sometimes it needs to stay overnight , but this is a safe and natural way to de-scale your kettle, no one wants all those chemicals in your kettle

Litter Bin empty bin and this is a good time to wash it out. Fill a bowl of hot water pour into the bin and add ½ cup of vinegar also add couple of drops of dish detergent, this will remove smells and its good disinfectant. I use an old small brush to scrub the inside empty and dry with an old mop add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil essence at the bottom and place a bin liner in the bin wipe clean the outside of the bin remembering to do the back also

Cooker/ Oven clean the inside of oven out if you need a detailed plan Read our cleaning oven

PDF that you can download our  free OVEN DEEP CLEANING MANUAL

After the Kitchen is completed put all cloths into a sealed plastic bag this is a good practice and will ensure you don’t cross contaminate other areas this is specially the case for cloths that have been used in the wash-room area. This is a small view of the training that Virtus staff undergoes so that they are fully aware of the reasoning behind colour coding and cross contamination procedures’ I have worked with many cleaning companies that do not take the time to explain the importance of how to work. Using my 20 years of experience, we at Virtus have built an intensive best practice method for our staff, ensuring our clients get the best Standards of cleaning.

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