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July 2013

Your Office Kitchen Dirtier than the Toilet ?

Dirty office Kitchens

Reports show Office Kitchens are Dirtier than toilets !

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Research has indicated time and time again that the majority of office kitchens can be extremely filthy with kitchen appliances such as microwaves ovens and kettles being the nastiest perpetrators

Office surfaces within the kitchen are also some of the most unclean, bacteria inhabited surfaces on average in the kitchen

Research also provides evidence that sharable kitchen appliances such as fridges and microwaves are breeding grounds for horrible bacteria, the main area of effect being fridge handles and microwave handles, meaning it is highly transferable in the office which could potentially lead to health hazards within the workplace. Over 40% of kitchen appliance handles harbor more bacteria than your average toilet seat.

A study has shown that 75% of office kitchen surfaces have more bacteria than the average sanitary bin. It’s incredibly important to be aware of the risks that a dirty office kitchen can introduce, the office kitchen is a public place, usually used by all employees and staff, and they can get very busy, meaning bacteria can spread from one another fairly easy, You wouldn’t make a meal on your toilet floor, so the fact that the average office surface is dirtier should frighten most people.

All employers should ensure regular and good sanitation is being practiced within your office by all staff and employees, simple solutions such as soap dispensers or wipes within the kitchen can make a world of a difference, the regular disinfecting and wiping of kitchen surfaces will drastically reduce the number of harmful bacteria present. The simple procedure of washing your hands before and after the use of the kitchen to make a meal or beverage has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the risk of bacteria multiplying and spreading within the office. These kinds of safety and hygiene precautions will ensure your co-workers and yourself stay healthy and are able to enjoy a safe public kitchen environment without the fear of contamination of your food and spreading unwanted illnesses to your friends.


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