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November 2013

It’s in the details!

House cleaning, Home cleaning , London Home Cleaning, Detailed cleaning

What makes Virtus unique? What do Virtus do any differently to other cleaning companies?

The answer is that as well as our attention to details we care about your health and well-being, we promote the use of 100% natural cleaning products in which our secret ingredients are…natural essential oils. Essential oils are aromas derived from real fruit, spices, herbs and flowers and much more.

Most companies do not like to reveal their secrets however Virtus is bearing all by giving you an insight in what we do.

Our products have no caution signs telling you to “rinse off immediately if it touches your skin” or “keep out of reach of children” as they are absolutely safe and if anything a benefit to your health. Here is some information on some of the essential oils we use:


Lemon essential oil: lemon essential oil is an uplifting and awakening scent as well as an antibacterial cleaner, lemon is the best cigarette smell and other strong smell diffuser. This oil is packed with energizing effects.

House cleaning, Home cleaning , London Home Cleaning, Detailed cleaning

Orange essential oil: Has a sweet, citrus fresh smell which is very popular especially with children, it is a fantastic smell diffuser as well as an antibacterial. It has an energetic aroma which promotes happiness.

Tea tree oil: tea tree oil is a fresh, medicinal and earthy fragrance which is known for its anti-bacterial properties to the extent that many use it on their skin neat to fight acne, cold sores chicken pox and many more (however consult with your doctor first).

Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus oil has a fresh, earthy smell and derived from the eucalyptus leaf, it has medicinal properties which fight against a variety of illnesses such as flus, colds, catarrh, arthritis and many more.

Lavender oil: lavender has a beautiful and versatile aroma, it is a must have for any first aid kit due to its antibacterial properties. Lavenders calming and sedative properties makes it wonderful for relaxing and a restful sleep. Lavender can also be used on burns to avoid scarring and act as an antibacterial for wounds for adults and children alike.

May Chang oil: May Chang is steam distilled from the pepper-shaped fruits Cubeba. A wonderful citrus aroma which uplifts cleanses and tones. May Chang is an excellent room deodoriser and insect repellent, its antibacterial properties make it perfect for cleaning, can also be used on oil prone skin.

 House cleaning, Home cleaning , London Home Cleaning, Detailed cleaning

So Virtus uses a variety of essential oils along with other natural products and the best cleaner known to mankind, water, to clean and that is what makes us special and unique.  Why not try burning some essential oils in your home this autumn to give you a warm and cosy sensation in your homes as well as some amazing health benefits, try this fantastic mixture of Cinnamon, nutmeg, sweet orange and clove bud. The smell is sensational. Enjoy!


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