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Do you need a professional team to clean your schools ? With Virtus that is exactly what you would get, I’m sure you have tried many cleaning companies out there and have become disillusioned by the lack of quality, Don’t lose heart you have come to the right place

Virtus understands commercial cleaning, we understand the importance of school cleaning . We will take away the headaches and stresses of  is the school clean as it should be! Our job is to take complete pressure away from you and we will deal with all the cleaning and provide you with a detailed planning  and reporting.

Each school is different and unique, This is how we approach our cleaning services

which areas need extra care – we will place additional staff to ensure the area in question is optimized

Quality control our managers and supervisors work with you in mind, they will ensure that every area is checked and double checked

Virtus understands your strict budgets and we will work to ensure our pricing works for you

With Virtus you will get detailed cleaning in every corner, every inch of your property will be cleaned to highest standards

We clean with natural products, yes 100% natural so the worry of cleaners forgetting cleaning products out and in reach of the children is a thing of the past, We ensure your pupils have a clean and healthy environment that you want for them to nurture their development.

We employ the strictest guidelines when recruiting staff, Everyone undergoes a police check and intensive training program

you will be supplied with a full records of every operative that works in your school prior to commencement.

VIRTUS is fully insured, Employers’ Liability, Public and Products Liability

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Why choose Virtus? the answer is simple ''quality'' Our reputation is everything to us so we just don't clean we offer you outstanding service