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August 2013

Benefits of Natural Cleaning

BENEFITS OF NATURAL CLEANING, GREEN LIVING, Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products

This is not just the new buzz, everyone that is serious about Green living and health should be very concerned about toxins are around us in our homes and working spaces so the benefits of natural cleaning should be on the forefront of every visionary individual and business

As the self-improvement guru, Deepak Chopra noted recently in the New York Times, “the next step in real estate is to understand that sustainability should begin in the home. Our bodies are sustainable but exposed to pollution, no different than the environment.” As we begin to think about our health more holistically, our living spaces and the products within them take on a more significant role. But how can we ensure a healthier home environment without completely changing our lifestyle?

Never before have we been provided with such an array of cleaning products to choose from. It seems that with every month comes a new brightly packaged, neon-coloured substance which, we are told, will clean and kill germs and leave our homes smelling fresh and fragrant even better than the last one. Yet do we really need to rely on these chemical cocktails in order to keep our living and working spaces clean and safe?

Warning: Danger!

All one has to do is look on the information label of the majority of mainstream cleaning products to see that something is not quite right. Toxicity symbols and warning messages of ‘do not ingest or inhale’ may be raising concerns in your mind: If these substances are so harmful, or even potentially fatal, what am I doing spreading them around my home every day/week/month?

A Healthier Alternative

Luckily, more and more people are now wanting cleaner, healthier alternatives to the typical, highly-toxic concoctions that have been sold to us for so long. Natural cleaning products are finding their way out of specialist alternative health shops and onto the supermarket shelves. Even some cleaning services are now solely using natural cleaning products.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of taking a more natural approach:

Better for the Environment

Every time you clean the bath, or flush harsh chemical cleaners down the toilet, they all have to end up somewhere, and it’s into our water supply. Although water treatment plants filter and treat the water in order to make it safe for us to drink again, it’s impossible to get rid of the incredible amount of cleaning product chemicals flushed into it each and every day.

Using natural cleaning products means you’ll be lessening the harmful impact on what is essentially our life force.

Better for your Home

A report by the US Environmental Protection Agency states that the air in many homes is, alarmingly, more polluted than the air outside. This is due to a number of contributing factors including deteriorating furnishings and air conditioning units; however household cleaning products are also listed as a main cause of indoor air pollution.

By switching to natural products, you won’t be breathing in so many harmful substances (substances which the product labels themselves warn you against inhaling).

Safer to Use Around Children

If the normal cleaning services or products we’re using are polluting the air in our homes, imagine what happens when we clean surfaces, floors or even babies high-chair trays with these toxic chemicals. If you have small children, you’ll know that their hands are everywhere, touching toys, furniture, food, and then in and out of their mouths. Through this process they’ll be picking up whatever chemicals are on those surfaces and then ingesting them.

Children love getting involved and helping out , so by choosing less chemical-loaded cleaning products not only will you gain more peace of mind that your children aren’t slowly poisoning themselves, but by cleaning safer your kids will be more able to join in and help.

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